How do I set up my vacation auto reply message in Microsoft Outlook ?

The instructions in this article are written for Microsoft  Outlook 2007 using the MAPI connector, but the process is similar for all other versions of Outlook. The difference is in how the Vacation Message settings are accessed. Aside from that the instructions are the same.

Note that only one Vacation Message will be sent to any particular person. A list of people that have received a Vacation Message is maintained inside Outlook. For this reason, we recommend clearing this list each time the Vacation Message feature is activated.

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Launch Microsoft Outlook 2007.

Make sure that you have a folder on your account highlighted, in case there is more than one account is set up on your computer.

Select Account

Select Vacation Message from the Communigate Pro Server submenu within the Tools menu.

Tools Menu

You can disable the Vacation Message by unchecking the Enable Vacation Message option, or by deleting the message in the text control.

Vacation Message

An End Date must be specified, but can be changed at any time.

Set Expires On
Written by: Cody Miller
Staff Writer
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